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How to start small online business

How to start small online business

Whatever kind of business it is that you want to start online, do you believe in it? Does it fit in your strength and personality?Simply put, you are the vision and owner of your business. So, make sure your objectives and plans align with the above three aspects...

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Shopify – E-Commerce

Shopify – E-Commerce

Having an online store has a huge bonus even to those with physical stores as well. This is because wherever your customers are; they can shop and place orders for your products 24/7. Also, you will always have complete customer information and based on their buying...

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A Review on

A Review on

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but never knew where to begin?Blogger is an excellent place to start a personal blog.Started 17 years ago, blogger is an online free blog-publishing platform; owned and managed by Google.You can use it to start a blog where you...

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Your Career on

Your Career on

Fiverr, is an online freelancers' marketplace for everyone willing to offer tasks and professional services to customers worldwide; from as low as 5.00 US dollars.Started on 2010, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel; Fiverr has brought a huge impact on the...

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays its easier to make money online directly from your bedroom while still on your PJ’s. One of these ways is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way that one can make money by earning commission for referring new customers to a site through...

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About Thomas

I am Thomas. By my long-term experience as web programmer and internet marketer I can advice you on how to build your online business.

I was already there in the early days of the internet and have seen quite a few web systems and internet marketing programs, some of which I have tried out myself, with success and failure.
From my experience I know a lot to report and can warn against rip-offs and pass on what has worked for me.

As you will also find out that I am Christian, my purpose is to give you everything to prosper in your private as in your business life of faith.

About William

I am William. As an entrepreneur in Kenya with my own shop I am aware of the struggles in the business world. Due to my faith in God I have a firm fundament even in the storms of life. I want to share my experience and motivate you to keep on trusting in God to lead things to the best.

Living A Life With Purpose

Looking for Meaning

Everyone wonders at some point why he actually does what he does. Some start to search for more, for the purpose of their existence.

Find Your Purpose

The answer often finds itself slumbering in the depths of the heart and points to a higher plan.

Go new Ways

You find fulfillment and power when you realize what your real purpose in life is. This makes you and others happy.

Latest faith based articles

The Right Mindset for True Success – Part 1

The Right Mindset for True Success – Part 1

First of all, you have to be aware of what success really is. real success. Not every kind of success is really worth striving for. If success is not based on adherence to certain principles, it is worthless because it is either short-lived or does not really make you...

How to find your purpose

How to find your purpose

Have you ever been in that situation where you feel as though you've wasted your life and are halfway through it? Or your mind keeps flooding you with rhetorical questions which go like, "….hey, do you know what your life is all about? Why do you exist? What are you...

Everything and yet Nothing

Everything and yet Nothing

The thirteen-year-old son of a billionaire is now a billionaire and already owns several hundred million. But unfortunately he has no access to his account until his eighteenth birthday. In addition, his parents' securities are in a dive. The property shrinks and...

The Way To Your Heart’s Transformation

Have you ever felt like

you wanted to escape the empty space that made itself inside of you? But again and again it catches you and gives you a headache, and you long for a fulfilled life … This can finally be the end of your search.

The need of transformation

At you will find advice and support so that your life and your profession can be shaped by love, fulfillment and satisfaction.

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